Rabbi4me’s mission is to make affiliated Judaism personal, meaningful and globally accessible.

Organized in 2013, Rabbi4me is a cloud synagogue and learning center based in Temecula, CA and NYC.


Rabbi Yona Abrams

Rabbi Yona has been reaching out to all types of Jews since 2002.  He received his rabbinic ordinationfrom Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in 2010 and has been the rabbi at Chabad of Temecula, CA since 2014.  He is married to Natanya Abrams and has three beautiful children, Chanah, Moussia & Masha.


After studying, teaching, and reaching out to Jews in Los Angeles, Toronto, NYC, Kansas City and Berlin, the need to centralize connections became apparent.  The obvious solution was a cloud-based community that is real enough to be meaningful.  Cloudshul.com offers live and interactive video events with the Google Hangouts platform, as well as in-person services and programs.


A meaningful Jewish community in the cloud is not enough.  People from all over need access to authentic rabbi services.  We fill that void.  Whether you need private study, Bar or Bat Mitzvah tutuoring, Wedding preparation or kaddish services we are at your service.  We officiate Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, weddings and funerals, making Rabbi4me.org the Amazon of religious services.


Our community model is out of the box, and so is our fundraising model.  To fund our work, we accept all types of donations and sell them in our our Dealagogue (Synagogue Deals).