What is Rabbi4me?

Rabbi4me is an online Jewish community. We learn, shmooze, and pray together in a virtual synagogue using Google Hangouts®. Some events are geared for beginners, others for advanced; some for teens and some for parents.  However, a virtual synagogue is not enough. That’s why we encourage people to communicate and develop a personal relationship with their rabbi…

What is a Google Hangout®?

A Google Hangout is a video chat room.  It’s like a telephone conference call, but with video.  You can see everyone in the room, and they can see you.  You need a link or invitation to join the Hangout, but you can watch a live broadcast of many events on YouTube.  If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can sign up for one here.

Our Community Meets in 3 Settings

  1. Broadcasted-  These events are formal.  The synagogue opens 10 minutes before going on-air and the broadcast starts exactly on time.  Everyone’s video and audio is muted until the broadcast is over, but you can stay afterwards to shmooze.  Besides for joining the Hangout, you can also watch the broadcasted part live on YouTube.
  2. Other Online Events- These are more casual since they aren’t broadcasted.  They also take place in our virtual synagogue but the only way to participate is by requesting a link.  To request one, you need to contact us.
  3. Locally- Since they aren’t on the computer, you can only join in person.

Joining Events:

  • Fill out the form to the right to request an invitation.
  • In the morning of the event, you will get a txt message reminder with the event time.
  • Once the synagogue is open, you will get a link to the Hangout via email.
  • After the email is sent, you will get a second txt message reminder to check your email.

System Requirements:

To watch on YouTube:  YouTube supported browser

To join the video chat: 

  1. Google+
  2. Google Talk Plugin
  3. Webcam & microphone (click here to buy a webcam from amazon.com).