Introduction:  Kaddish is recited three times daily for 11 months after the passing of a loved one and yearly on their yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing).  If the synagogue schedule is too demanding, partner with a rabbi who will ensure that this ancient tradition is fulfilled.

  • 1 Yahrtzeit – $36
  • First year of passing (3x/day) – $180


Private Study

Introduction:  Need more personal attention than a public class or event?  Rabbi4me tutors numerous adults and children in any Jewish subject of interest.  Talmud, Mishna, Philoshophy, Code of Jewish Law are all popular requests.

Setting:  Private sessions have been held in person, on the telephone, and with Google Hangouts video chat.

Donations:  Donations are appreciated for private study.

Bar Mitzvah Lessons

Introduction:  Bar Mitzvah is the most important day in a young mans life.  Some have the custom to read from the Torah, make the blessings on the Torah or lead the congregation in prayer.  However you are planning on celebrating, Rabbi4me will prepare your son accordingly.

Objective: Student will walk away as a competent Bar Mitzvah with skills to make blessings at Torah, practice donning Tefillin and general confidence in the implications of being a Jewish man.Writing a meaningful Bar Mitzvah speech together with your son is standard.

Text: Chumash, Kitzur Shulchan Oruch, Booklets, Sparks of Life

Donations:  Donations are appreciated for private study.

Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Introduction:  Bat Mitzvah actually means “daughter of mitzvah”.  It is the transition from becoming a girl, into a responsible young woman.  The highlight of a Bat Mitzvah includes mitzvos that are unique to Jewish women, including lighting shabbos candles & separating “challah” (a unique form of charity).

Objective: Explore the meaning of being a responsible Jewish woman and specifically the mitzvos unique to women: Shabbos Candles & Challah baking, and of course, write a meaningful Bat Mitzvah speech for whichever type of celebration you have planned.

Text: Halichos Bas Yisroel, The Jewish Home

Donations:  Donations are appreciated for private study.

Rabbinic Services

Inquire regarding other Rabbinic services including:

  • Beginning of life
  • End of life
  • Marriage/preparation
  • Living a great life!


Rabbi Tutoring

Introduction:  Thinking of becoming a rabbi?  Rabbi4me has tutored successful rabbis of large congregations to pass the rabbinic ordination test.

Setting: A combination of in person, on the telephone, and with Google Hangouts video chat.

Donations:  Donations are appreciated for private study.